Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Congested but hopefully nothing

Reagan only had about 4 solid hours of sleep last night. The rest of the night she was mostly awake, kicking around and making noise in her bed. She was a good girl though, so we were able to leave her there until just before 8am this morning. Right away we saw that she was going to be a little sensitive today, when her brother fell and started crying, Reagan immediately turned red and had tears in her eyes and a big pouty lip! Getting brother out of the room and redirecting her attention seemed to help and we somehow avoided a major meltdown. Other than being a little sensitive, overall she's been sweet and smiley. She had two therapies today, OT this morning and speech at noon. She did great for both, so much so her OT told me that she's having to redo her goals for Reagan because she's already exceeded everything she had come up with! We really do like our new OT. We actually probably have the best group of people working with Reagan right now, than we've ever had! Hopefully that helps! I did finally get a hold of Reagan's pediatrician today and she agrees that we do need to start her on a preventative regimen of Tamiflu (just one dose a day). If we start to see symptoms, we would double the dose and hopefully bring a stop to it. Actually, I'm just hoping we don't see anything. She's still a little congested in the nose today, so I'm giving her some saline hoping maybe that will clear it up (of course, it seems to just make things worse at first). She's also still a little chokey. It's not really gaggy and it's not really coughy...just chokey. Hopefully it's nothing. Please continue to keep our girl in your prayers! (And see my last post about the walkathon if you missed it!)

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