Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Calm and Content

Reagan slept fairly well last night...granted it was in the arms of her night nurse, but she did get some sleep nonetheless. She has been a good girl again today. Still not happy, per se, but calm & content. We've gotten a few little laughs, but nothing crazy. She had lots of therapies today. Speech, OT, and then Speech from the school. She did well with everything. She got so relaxed with her speech therapist stretching her, she ended up with a leaky poopy diaper and her therapist needed a change of pants! (I always tell her therapists and nurses to keep an extra set of clothes handy because you just never know!!) That was the first of two dirty diapers today. It comes and goes. She'll go days without any and then pow (or should I say poo)! We've got an appt with the new GI tomorrow so I'm interested in seeing what if anything he has to say about all of this. Time for bed. Hoping my girl sleeps tonight, even if it is in the nurse's lap!

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