Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bad night

Last night was a nightmare! The morphine was not keeping Reagan asleep. She was in her chair and we had her on the pulse ox just to monitor her, but every time she'd wake and fuss, she'd hold her breath and her sats would fall setting the alarm off. Again and again. She was miserable. Super hoarse from all the crying. Rubbing her nose/face over and over (her little nose is bright red). My poor girl. I stopped the morphine this morning. It wasn't doing much at that dose and I really didn't want to increase it and drug her up more! Even when she finally calmed down this afternoon, she was still very spaced out (her pupils were constricted in low light). Tonight she got restless again, so I sure hope she's able to sleep! She's in her bed right now, so I'm praying she stays there and gets some good rest! (Today's day one on the new formula! Praying it helps my girl!!)

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