Friday, January 11, 2013

A little better

Reagan fell asleep last night in her night nurse's arms but then was back awake before we went to bed (at midnight). She finally fell back to sleep around 1am and then slept til 7am. The nurse changed her diaper and picked her up and she fell back to sleep immediately. She slept til 8:15am, when she woke up smiling. She's had a surprisingly pretty good day today. She's had a few hiccups...she had a meltdown during PT this morning when the therapist was talking to her nurse and then again this afternoon right before OT when she had a huge liquidy diaper (one of two today). She had moments where she would get very vocal and sound agitated, but they were far less than yesterday. Overall, she was a little more calm today, so that is a good thing. I didn't really hear her doing the chokey/coughy thing during the day, but tonight she did it a little. She's still very congested in the nose. Not sure what that's about, but her brother has got it too. I don't have it, so I'm guessing whatever it is, it's not allergies (or I'd have it for sure). Still hoping and praying for more good days for my girl!

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