Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sweet girl, miserable teething boy

Reagan slept well last night IN HER OWN BED!!! Yeah!! So glad she got out of the chair and actually slept in a bed! She also woke up this morning surprisingly normal! She's been pretty laid back, sweet, and giggly today!! So relieved to see this! It would seem that she's already come out of the bad days! Hopefully that's the case and hopefully we'll have a nice long good streak this time around! Tonight she was acting a little crazy. She kept taking a big gasp in and then she'd laugh or let out this high pitched squeal! She did it for quite a while tonight. And then right before bedtime, she had the crazy laughs! I'm hoping she can settle down and get a good night's sleep again tonight! Now...on to our problem child! Ryan is really not handling teething very well! He's up and down crying all night (and I'm getting up with him)!! I feel like I'm awake more than I'm asleep the last couple nights! And during the day, he's not much better! Very fussy, throwing temper tantrums, very drooly. I'm SO ready for this to be over. Please keep it in your prayers that he gets over the hump soon and that Reagan continues to have good days!!

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