Saturday, December 15, 2012

Stressed but better

Reagan slept the whole night last night (in her chair)...which is more than I can say for her brother! Ryan has been a nightmare with this teething! He is waking up crying every hour some nights! I'm hoping he's going to get over this soon, but those teeth are big and they are not even close to being all the way out yet! During the day he's no piece of cake either. Fighting naps, fussing and fighting, BITING (yes, I have a bruise on my shoulder from him)!! He's trouble. Reagan was surprisingly good today. By good, I don't really mean good, I mean better than expected. She was still very tense and stressed/serious...but she wasn't really fussy or crying. She did wake a little agitated this morning, but after a dose of ibuprofen she seemed to settle down and even fell asleep for a bit. She slept off and on today, but when she was awake, she was calm (stressed but calm). She definitely didn't like to have her diaper changed...but other than that, she was pretty good. I'm hoping maybe we are turning a corner. Please keep our sweet girl in your prayers for better days!


Diane said...

Hoping this is the beginning of a long run of good days!
I have no idea how babies live through teething! As an adult I had a wisdom tooth cut through- good heavens that was the most frustrating, annoying and terrible misery! I have a lot of empathy now for the little ones cutting all those teeth !

Hope they come through fast and he feels better too! Fingers crossed both are in feeling great for Santa!

Clarissa said...

yay for good days! Abigail slept last night (saturday night) and we are so thankful! Praying for Reagan, Ryan (teething is not fun), and you all! God bless!