Sunday, December 2, 2012

Still smiling

Reagan slept a little better last night. She did wake up a little early, but she was fairly quiet. Finally around 6:30am Daddy got up with her only to find a huge stink in her room!! There was a present waiting for Mommy (why is it always for mommy?)!! That was actually only the first of FOUR dirty diapers today!! That might be a record! And I'm guessing her tummy must have felt better after all that! She was a good girl again today. Definitely high strung with crazy laughs and a little on edge (with one slight meltdown this morning), but overall she was good a girl. Still for that we were very happy!! I'm hoping for at least one more good day...if we get it, we're going to try to do Santa pictures tomorrow!! Please continue to keep our sweet girl in your prayers!

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