Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Still feeling rotten

Reagan slept well last night, of course, it was in her chair, but we take what we can get! She woke up still in a rotten mood and just not feeling well. She did have a big dirty diaper and then seemed to settle down a bit and get sleepy. She's a light sleeper though and woke back up with a vengeance! Poor girl. It was another rough one. She did finally settle down a little tonight. She stopped fussing but the chorea was out of control and she was still extremely tense. She did finally doze off in the night nurse's arms but she was really restless and was tired for a while, she just couldn't fall and stay asleep! Hopefully she sleeps tonight and wakes up significantly better tomorrow. She needs some decent days!! Grandma wants her to be able to enjoy the new inflatable she got for her!!

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Heather said...

I hope Mike thought my comment was funny on FB. I think the house looks amazing. I really do.

Hoping that the tide turns tomorrow for your girl. Praying it does.