Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Not so happy Christmas morning

Last night was another rough night for our girl. She woke up crying, just as I was getting her brother back to sleep. Daddy laid down with her but she wasn't settling down. We had to put her arm restraint back on and move her back into her chair where she did finally fall back to sleep. She's been miserable again today. She goes through periods where she fusses and yells a lot and extremely agitated, and then periods of "don't even look at me, just leave me alone". So needless to say...not the best day for Christmas morning! We pushed on though and opened the thousands of presents Grandma, I mean, Santa brought.  My sister, her fiance, and their dogs were all in attendance. Reagan didn't want to have much to do with anyone and Ryan was just as happy playing with empty boxes as he was with his new toys. We narrowly escaped a trip to the emergency room when Reagan's tube got stuck on something and the whole center of her button popped out! Thankfully Mike was able to pop it back into place and it seems to be working OK, so crisis averted! We got a late start and didn't even finish unwrapping everything til after noon! So our Christmas lunch plans quickly turned into Christmas dinner (and we should be set on food for the next month or so)! It's now well past midnight and everyone is in bed, so it's time for me to do the same! Praying my girl gets some sleep and wakes up feeling better in the morning! (I'll post Christmas pics tomorrow!)

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