Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Miserable day

It's been a looooong day! Reagan woke up at 2am yelling and then proceeded to yell nonstop for an hour or so before finally dozing off in her chair (then it was her brother's turn to keep me awake). She slept til 7:45am and then woke up and was just kicking and flailing around (but quiet). Then I came into the room and said two words to her and that was it! She started back up with the yelling! She yelled/cried/moaned all morning long. Every now and then she'd doze off or quiet down for a minute or so and then it would hit her and she'd jolt back into the yelling. She hated to be messed with, talked to, given medicine, any interaction whatsoever! She finally stopped fussing around 4pm or so and was quiet for a few hours (but still stressed and tense). Then tonight it hit her again and she was miserable. Mike and I were able to hold her and get her to settle down and even fall asleep for a bit, but it was shortlived and the second we moved, the craziness came back. It really is like trying to hold a wild animal. The noises she makes, the biting, flailing, scratching...she's inconsolable! She can't tell us what's hurting her. Nothing we give her helps. It's misery for her, it's misery for us! It's very frustrating, depressing, defeating. Please keep it in your prayers that she can sleep tonight and that she wakes up feeling better tomorrow. (I feel like singing the song from Annie...The sun will come out, tomorrow!)


Heather said...

It will come out my friend. It will.

It is just getting to that next day, that next moment, that proves to be so very difficult. There are not many in this life that could possibly understand what you all, what Reagan, endures daily. Certainly not me.But I have witnessed and listened with my own two ears, for the last almost 4 years, the struggles, the battles the horrible moments and I have also witnessed the grace by which you do this.And it is grace Tera.

I said today how I wish I were closer in distance.I would be there in a heartbeat.You know I would. But tonight, like most days, all I can do is pray.

And that sun, it will come out. I promise.

Clarissa said...

Oh sweet Reagan!
I know just what you mean Tera... praying she is able to calm down, get some sleep, and be happy today!