Monday, December 17, 2012

Good day, crazy laughs

Reagan slept the whole night through again last night and woke up a sweet girl again this morning! She's been a great mood, giving us smiles, laughs, all day today! She had OT this morning, then speech at noon, and then vision/OT this afternoon and she did wonderful for everything! She got a little too crazy with the iPad today, but overall, she's been good...crazy laughs...but good. Tonight the crazy laughs kicked into high gear and then right as it was time for bed, she started getting really crazy. We aren't sure if it's the clonidine (sometimes it seems to have the opposite effect we want it to have on her) or what, but she really went over the edge and was almost crying. Mike tried laying in bed with her and that was a no go, so now she's back in her chair. Not sure what tonight holds for my princess. Please keep her in your prayers! We've got an early morning appt with GI tomorrow, so I hope all is well in the morning!

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Diane said...

Hope she slept and the GI appt went well.