Thursday, December 20, 2012

Finally awake

Reagan woke up this morning (with my urging). She did wake up happy from her long winter's nap! She has been a good girl today. A little groggy and a little excitable at times. She actually fell asleep during speech therapy as her therapist was feeding her!! She was eating pretty well and then pow...asleep! She slept until PT came and was stretching her feet...actually she made it through almost all of the stretching asleep, I actually think it was her brother's temper tantrum that woke her up! She did get a little over excited by a few toys today and then again tonight for whatever reason. Overall, I'd say it was a good day, with just a hint of crazy! Still hoping she either holds on and continues to have good days through Christmas, or she gets over with them ASAP so she can still salvage Christmas! Thank you for checking in on our girl! (And please continue to keep Lucy, Hudson, & Liam in your prayers!)

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