Thursday, December 27, 2012

Almost done?

Reagan slept well last night. She woke up wide eyed and a little startled but she settled down and seemed OK. Her OT came and worked with her and she actually did well with that. Then she only went downhill from there. She started crying when getting her diaper changed and then just kept crying! We were able to get her to settle down eventually and she relaxed a little and then had a big dirty diaper! She started crying again while getting that changed but then calmed back down afterward. Poor thing! Her tummy must have been hurting her!! She was calm the rest of the afternoon but still very serious and having a lot of chorea. She made gaggy sounds a few times today, but no actual throw ups. Then around 5pm she turned on the crazy laughs and she's been laughing ever since! I'll take the laughs, crazy or otherwise, any day over what we've been dealing with! Hopefully this means we're almost completely done with these bad days! I can hardly wait to have my happy smiling girl back again! Below are some pics from Christmas morning...definitely no smiles from our girl there!

Love these pics of Ryan with my sister's fiancé, Dan! (Notice the dogs peeking through in the mom's afghan and my sister's cocker and german shorthair pointer...we had a full house!)


T said...

Merry Christmas to everyone in your house, from everyone in my house - glad you're on your way back to happy days Reagan x

Heather said...

Hey my long lost friend. Finally feel like I am coming up for air.

Sending my love and a promise for a long phone catch up soon.

Praying for the days to turn for you love and for her smiles to come your way.

charity said...

holy cow thats a big bear on the couch lol. hope she starts smiling soon and the bad days go away