Thursday, December 13, 2012

A little on the crazy side

Reagan didn't sleep too well last night. She was very amped up and super vocal at bedtime. The clonidine didn't seem to do a thing for her. We had our night nurse here, so she sat up with her. She said she fell asleep in her chair for a bit but woke up the second she tried to lay her down. When she fell back to sleep, she just left her in her chair where she slept for the rest of the night. Her brother is teething right now (one top tooth is out and the other is working on it) and he's not sleeping much at all at night. Not to mention he's super cranky/needy during the day as well! Fun times! Reagan woke up this morning around 8am...a lot more serious than she's been lately. She cheered up as the day went on and she's been very vocal again and also giving us the crazy laughs. She had FOUR therapies today and did really well for all of them. During speech she ate...she wasn't as excited about it today as she was yesterday, but she still did a good job. The after PT, she even made it an hour in her stander without so much as a peep (I don't even remember the last time she was in her stander...I know, bad mommy)!! We're definitely seeing some signs of impending off/bad days (crazy yells/laughs, bad day smell, not sleeping as well, and medication not working), but hopefully we can stretch these good days out at least a little while longer!

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