Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Reagan slept well last night and woke up this morning raring to go! She's been a bundle of energy...moving around a lot, hands constantly up in her hair, lots of vocalizations (some of which are on the crazy side and make us worry a little)! She had speech (through the school system) and "school" today. She did OK for both. She did get a little yawny during speech, but she never really took a nap. She had a lot of gas today, but no poop, that is not until tonight!! (She wanted mommy to change it!) Poor girl! That really had to be hurting her tummy (she clenches and clenches and holds it in)!! She's a sweet girl though and I just hope she can hang on and continue to have good days. We have a night nurse tonight, so if she decides to wake up, at least we've got that covered!

This is the blob (a 6' foam bean bag chair Grandma ordered for her). It's HUGE!!! We may not keep it though, because it doesn't have a removable cover (a necessity with Reagan)!! If it looks like it will work well for her, we'll probably have to get the more expensive one that has a removable cover!

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T said...

Awh! Some gorgeous smiles on both posts - Reagan, you look like you are enjoying your blob!!