Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Trouble makers

Reagan slept pretty well last night, but she woke up early and never went back to sleep! She's been a good girl again today. She had speech and school today and did well for both. She's still smiling but still spunky at times (lots of moving and loud vocalizing that sounds like it could go the wrong way)...and she did nip at the new nurse! Not sure where this is going. I'm hoping she'll hold on and continue with good days, but it definitely looks like we're headed in the wrong direction. We've got big plans for Sunday (Reagan is supposed to attend a birthday party and we're attempting to get out for our anniversary), so whatever happens, I sure hope she's good by then! Ryan just cut his first two teeth yesterday, so he's been a handful (resisting naps, waking up multiple times a night, drooling like crazy)!  He's doing all kinds of new things though, so that's exciting! Last week we noticed him sitting up in bed (we had never seen him go from laying to sitting before) he's doing it all the time (especially when he's supposed to be sleeping). He's still not "crawling", I'm sure from the lack of tummy time because of reflux, he makes some progress but then ends up laying on his tummy wanting to be picked back up! He mastered his walker a couple days ago and he's all over the place now (before he was only going backwards)! Now he's terrorizing the dog, pulling things off tables, getting into the trash...he's something else. He's also pulling up to his knees...he'll be standing soon! Very exciting stuff!!! Please keep both of these trouble makers in your prayers!

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