Thursday, November 29, 2012

The FLU?!?!

Reagan slept well last night...waking up just around 6am (also Ryan's favorite time to wake up). She's been very similar to yesterday. Very vocal...I might cry any minute sort of vocal! She was this close to a meltdown multiple times today (a few of the times in response to MY voice...Daddy was loving that)...but she held it together and never shed a tear. Definitely on edge. Hoping to avoid a bad day...but even more so, hoping to avoid a SICK day! The biggest news of the day was that Ryan was more fussy than his usual whiny self (and you could just tell he didn't feel well) and he spiked a fever. So I ran him into the pediatrician, only to find out he has the FLU!!!! Yes, that's right...the flu! Ugh. Not sure how it happened. Maybe it's the endless stream of people coming into our house, or the fact that I take him everywhere I go every single day, or his Daddy not washing his hands...who knows?!?! And the thing is, I have it too! I started feeling some respiratory something yesterday and then today I'm full on SICK! I just can't believe it's the flu! As of now, Reagan is still looking OK, so please, please, please keep her in your prayers! We all started Tamiflu today so hopefully that will help everyone (but Ryan took one drop of it and then proceeded to puke his guts his defense it does taste aweful...I'm glad we have capsules)! So please keep us all in your prayers! My little boy is still sporting a fever and just as miserable as can be!!


Diane said...

Oh No!!! Both of you- it is so hard to avoid ..

I am really hoping the tamiflu helps and it is a quick recovery!!

Abby's favorite chicken noodle soup- she swears it always makes ya feel better!

Hope you have help with the kids so you can get better!

DEVIN said...

Oh no!! Can Reagan take the tamiflu?

Abbey said...

Elderberry syrup! Get some at your pharmacy! It works!!

Daddy said...

Not sure why you blame daddy not washing his hands...daddy's fine and mommy and Ryan have it. I think mommy hasn't been washing her hands.