Sunday, November 11, 2012

Still fussy but not crying

Reagan and Ryan slept surprisingly well last night. Reagan fell asleep on her own but then right around 1am woke crying. We gave her some clonidine and she fell back to sleep. I don't remember her waking up at all, maybe the occasional fuss, but I'm pretty sure she never actually woke back up til morning. Ryan was also amazing in the sleep department last night. He slept from 8pm-6am! Now when I say "slept", I mean he never fussed and I never had to get up and nurse him...but I'm not sure that he actually sleeps the whole time!! I've seen him wake up before, play, and then fall back to sleep on his own! That's actually what he was doing when I saw him at 6...he was awake and talking in his crib! The only reason I picked him up is because he hadn't eaten all night and I didn't want him to start fussing and wake up his sister! Reagan was still very cranky when she woke up. Not really crying, but fussing a lot and SO tense. She particularly hated us getting anywhere near her! When I would go to give her her medicine, she would immediately start up, but she was fine as long as we kept our distance! This afternoon she had probably the biggest blowout diaper I think she's ever had! Mike heard it coming so we picked her up immediately, but it was already bubbling out! It was everywhere!! We wiped her down and then just took her straight to the tub! Afterward she seemed to settle down a bit and then got a little sleepy. She woke up fussing just as we were about to leave for our anniversary dinner (today is our 12th wedding anniversary), I gave her a dose of Lortab and she relaxed and fell back to sleep. When she wakes up she's flailing a lot and frantically wiping at her face. We've managed to avoid using the arm restraint this go round, she was still putting her hands in her mouth a lot (and chewing on her thumb), but she never bit herself (sometimes it seems the restraints just make her even crazier). We came home from dinner to find both kiddos asleep! I'm about ready to do the same! Thank you for your continued prayers for our sweet girl!


Jennifer said...

Happy Anniversary Tera and Mike!

the Grandma said...

Happy Anniversary!! I hope your evening was great. Bless those two wonderful ladies who swooped in and took charge of the kiddos! They are wonderful and very special to make sure that you and Mike had a much-deserved evening out!!