Sunday, November 4, 2012

Snuggly girl

Reagan has been such a sweetie today. She slept well last night, that is, until I got up with Ryan at 4am. When I got back in bed, she was moving around and she never fell back to sleep! She was a good girl though and she let us sleep! She really couldn't have been any better today. Lots of smiles, very snuggly...just a total doll. Every time I picked her up and we snuggled, she'd doze off! Oh how I love that girl!!! Brother was a turkey. Fighting sleep...he didn't want to go down for his last nap tonight. Then he woke up ~2 hrs after I put him down and he just sat in his crib playing and then he laid back down and went back to sleep! He's trouble! Praying for continued good days for my sweetest girl (and a better night's sleep)!!!

 Those two top teeth are so wobbly (especially the left one), but they are hanging in there!

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Heather said...

Precious. Sweet. Happy. Love all those things.

We have a fun thing going on with teeth. Besides the fact she is missing a baby one on the top and hopefully the permanent one is there,one of her bottom teeth is going in BEHIND one of the other. Before it is even loose. Now that is a good look.

I am thinking that she could have lucked out with some simple, regular teeth. Not so much.

Love to you all.