Monday, November 19, 2012

Sensitive AND nauseous!

Reagan slept OK last night. I think she slept well until right around 4am when I saw her awake and kicking around. She wasn't fussy though, so we were able to leave her in her bed til 7. (I wish I could say the same for Ryan!) She continued to be sensitive today, so we had to be careful around her (she was not appreciatitve of the yard guys trimming the bushes outside her window)! She had OT this morning and vision therapy this afternoon and she did well for both! Her vision therapist actually said it was her best session yet!!! She's had several really big throw ups today. She's not gagging and retching nonstop (like she does sometimes), but when she throws up, it's a lot and it really wipes her out. I've also drained quite a bit of fluid out of her g-tube as well! Definitely switching over to pedialyte tonight! Then tonight I was about to give her a bath and I noticed her tummy looked bloated. I "checked" to see if she was stopped up, and she let out a ton of gas and another liquidy poop! Poor girl! That had to be hurting her! I still have no clue where this is headed and how our Thanksgiving is going to turn out! Please say some extra prayers for our girl!!!

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