Friday, November 2, 2012

Sleep troubles

Reagan was up a lot last night (thankfully our night nurse was here). Unfortunately, it was much of the same with her brother. Ryan has been waking more and more often at night (which is killing me). Tonight he's fighting it even harder and waking back up every hour and crying. I'm thinking (hoping) that maybe it's teething. I sure hope there's a good reason for this! Despite not sleeping well, Reagan has actually had a really good day today. She's been very sweet, with little smiles and laughs! She had a great session with PT this morning and then had OT right after! She's been pretty calm all day (her heart rate was in the 100s...which is low for her) but every now and then she'd make the occasional noise (and I couldn't really tell if it was good or bad, but she never got upset, so I guess it was OK). Tonight she seems to be a little more active and "kicky"...but still good. I'm hoping she'll settle down and fall asleep...maybe with the help of clonidine. If Ryan wakes again, he's getting some Tylenol! Hoping everyone gets some sleep tonight!

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Jamie said...

Have not been following but trying to catch up! Dont worry Ryan I don't sleep either! Hes getting SO big! Sweet Reagan...another day kiddo! one day at time!