Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sleep & smiles

Reagan finally slept last night!!!! On her own, without any clonidine, she fell asleep and then slept the entire night and almost the entire day! She was OUT! Her PT came at 2pm and she was just going to do a "caregiver education" lesson with her nurse and Reagan started stretching around and woke up!! I rushed in there to talk to her and try to make sure she was waking up happy, and my sweet girl smiled up at me just as precious as can be!!! She had a HUGE wet diaper! Poor girl. She actually did great with PT and then fell back to sleep only minutes after finishing! (So she wasn't even awake a full hour!) She slept the rest of the afternoon in her chair and then we transferred her back to her bed where she continued to sleep til right around 9:30pm, when she decided to wake up and grace us with her presence!! She's still smiling, but she's yawning so she should go back to sleep soon! I'm just glad she finally got some much needed sleep (and when she did wake up, she was smiling)!! Now, I'm just hoping she'll wake up tomorrow with more smiles for us!!!


Heather said...

Look at her sweet smiles Tera. I want you to have those all the time. I want HER to have them all the time. I never give up hope and keep that in my prayers.

Love to you my friend.

The VW's said...

What a sweet girl!