Thursday, November 8, 2012

On edge

Sleep last night was about the same for both kiddos. Reagan slept most of the night and then woke early and didn't go back to sleep, Ryan woke up several times (each time I had to get up and feed him til he settled and would go back to sleep)...not a good night for mommy! Reagan is still smiley today but she's definitely on edge and has had a couple meltdowns...we've been walking on thin ice with her. Mike came home for lunch and just talked to her and she broke down into tears. Then again tonight she had another meltdown. She hasn't liked us talking and she particularly doesn't like Mike talking! I'm not sure what's going on with her, but it doesn't look good. She's had super cold, clammy hands and feet today and those legs are kicking nonstop! She did manage to make it through school and speech today without a problem, so that's good. Her PT has already canceled for tomorrow and we lost the OT that was coming on Fridays, so not a lot going on tomorrow! I know it's unlikely that she'll skip the bad days, but I'm certainly hoping for another mild/short stretch again! Please keep my girl in your prayers!

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