Friday, November 30, 2012

Miserable boy, girl on edge

It was a rough night last night. Thankfully Reagan slept most of the night, but Ryan (and Mommy and Daddy) did not! Ryan ran a fever of 101-102+ all night long and even when he was sleeping, he was moaning! He woke up every hour or so and I'd have to get up with him. A couple times I brought him back to our bed, but he wasn't comfortable there either. Poor little guy. This morning his fever went away and I thought maybe we were in the clear, but that was short lived and it came back quickly. It's difficult just getting him to take the tylenol and ibuprofen but there is NO getting the Tamiflu into him. I took it back to the pharmacy and had flavoring added to it last night but this morning when I mixed it with yogurt, he immediately tasted it and then refused to eat the yogurt. I tasted it and I don't blame him!! I nearly threw up myself, it tasted so awful! I'm not sure how anyone is able to get their child to take Tamiflu in the liquid form! I'm just glad we're able to give Reagan hers through her tube! It's looking like Ryan is just going to have to ride it out, because Tamiflu is not getting in this boy!! He's still pretty miserable today. Very clingy, whiny, crying...after a long night, it's been a long day! Reagan has been OK today. She's still definitely on edge, but still smiling for the most part. She did have a HUGE meltdown this afternoon when her nurse tried to give her the iPad to play with! She started crying hysterically...just too much stimulation, I guess! She also almost lost it just from music playing on a commercial on TV! She is SO sensitive to music lately (especially piano)! Needless to say, this weekend is looking like it's going to be a peach! Please keep us all in your prayers!!!

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