Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fussy sleep

Reagan had another fussy night in the sleep department! I have NO idea what's going on with this girl! Well, actually I have an idea, but this is still so unlike her! She doesn't typically have good or decent days and then have bad nights (maybe sleepless, but not fussy)! When I got up with her she was having a lot of gas (and she's had quite a bit today), so maybe that was hurting her?!?! I don't know. She slept til about 4am and then woke fussing. I got up, but it took Daddy to finally get her settled down and back to sleep! She's been good today though. Overall smiley, some crazy laughs, but lots of chorea and cold, clammy hands and feet (and a hot, sweaty body). I also drained quite a bit of fluid from her sometging is definitely going on in thst tummy of hers. The line between good and bad days has definitely been harder to spot lately. We are having far less (or maybe none) 100% good days and far too many bad/off days for my liking. She's also really chewing on her hands. She has a couple new bite marks on her left hand...obviously nothing done on purpose, but when you're constantly chewing on your hands, you're eventually going to nip yourself! What can we do?? I bought her a chewlery necklace. She does hold onto it and chew on it occasionally, but she still prefers her fingers. I'm hoping for a good week next week! She's missed lots of therapy with the holidays, so hopefully she'll be able to catch up and have a productive week?!?! Praying for sweet dreams for my girl tonight!
(**Update-No such luck! It's 2am and I'm up with a fussy, flailing girl! Pray that we can get to the bottom of this!!**)

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