Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Freak out

Last night (right before bed) Reagan started freaking out! Yelling like crazy, all tensed up and flailing...it was hard to tell if it was some sort of pain or if it was something neurological. You know those movies where they show the people in the instituions yelling out constantly...that's what it was like. I don't know if we've ever seen her do something quite like this (at least not to this extent). She eventually calmed down and Mike was able to lay in bed with her and get her to sleep. She didn't sleep well though and she woke a couple more times, so it was a rough night for everyone (although it was Ryan's first good night's sleep in a while...8pm-4am). Reagan woke again around 5 or 6 and was quiet for the most part, just awake and kicking around. Today she has been similar to yesterday, only maybe a little more on edge/stressed. Maybe slightly less agitated by the television or music...but more agitated with interaction (although she did make it through OT & PT without any meltdowns). No more nausea today, so that's good. After switching over to the pedialyte last night she's been good. Not sure if that's what helped or if it would have gone away anyway? She was back to half strength formula this afternoon and tonight I'll go back to full strength. Her temperature is all out of whack! Her hands and feet are still very cold and clammy and her body is burning hot (so much so she's sweating through her shirt). Tonight she was in her chair and her face was bright red and she was all sweaty. I told Mike to pick her up to help her cool down...big mistake! She started up with the craziness and then wouldn't stop crying/yelling for a while. She finally calmed down when he put her back in her chair! You can't win with her! I'm not sure where she's going with all of this, but it's not really looking good for Thanksgiving. If she's going to have a rotten day, I'd prefer she get it out of the way tomorrow, instead of saving it for Thursday (actually I'd prefer no bad days at all, but I rarely get that wish)!! Please keep her in your prayers!!


Diane said...

Well if she has to have bad days- I am with you, I hope she gets it out today so she can have a terrific Turkey day.

Clarissa said...

ugh, sounds just like Abigail's crazy times with the flailing around and screaming/yelling... she will get drenched in sweat, red faced, and eyes totally zoned out... I do wonder if Reagan was experiencing some pain from the increased nausea/vomiting? We think thast it is linked to Abigail vomiting more than her usual that causes her to have crazy times. I know that after she got the nissen and stopped vomiting for 2 months, that she was a lot better... like the break from vomiting eased some pain or something. Anyway, praying for your girl... and mine, to have good Thanksgivings!