Thursday, November 15, 2012

Finally sleep!

Reagan was awake all night last night. Thankfully her night nurse was here. She'd doze off in her arms and then startle back awake, thrashing around like crazy! She was very tense, but at least she wasn't nauseous anymore. She finally fell asleep at 6am and then proceeded to sleep the majority of the day (in her chair)! Finally at 2pm we took her out of her chair and changed her diaper...she stayed asleep. Then around 4:30pm she started rolling and thrashing around. She was smiling, but still acting a little crazy. She was making a lot of vocalizations and then we noticed she was on the verge of tears. I think she was having tummy pains. Eventually she got over it and was OK again. Then around 7:30pm, she dozed back off. Right now she's in her bed, making sucking noises with her tongue (so cute)!! I really hope she wakes up tomorrow and is FINALLY back to her happy self! This has been a loooong bad streak! I'm ready for some good days!!

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Diane said...

Fingers crossed for "Happy Self" this morning!