Tuesday, November 13, 2012


So, Reagan didn't have that great of a night last night. She fell asleep on her own and Mike was able to get her to bed, but she woke fussing just as we were about to go to bed at midnight. I gave her a dose of clonidine and he eventually got her settled down and she went back to sleep. She woke again at 5am and was flailing around and fussing so we went ahead and put her back in her chair and I gave her some Lortab and she went back to sleep. She woke again at 7am (I think the beeping coffee pot woke her up) and she was still flailing a lot but not fussing. I noticed in addition to the big bruise around her left thumb, she now had a scratch (bite?) at her wrist and another about 2-3in above her wrist. We haven't had her arm restraints on her because she hasn't been bitey and she also hasn't really been fussy in several days so it seems odd that she would be biting all of a sudden! Then this morning her OT came and worked with her. We talked to her about possible solutions for her need for chewing (like a chewlery necklace)...because even on good days she's got her left fingers in her mouth or hair and her right hand grabbing her shirt! After she left Reagan was on the floor just kicking around in front of the tv and I was sitting beside her with Ryan. All of a sudden she started fussing a little and I look down and she's got a bandaid in her mouth (that I had put over the other scratch/bite)!!! So I looked down at her arm and there was a huge bite! Ugh. What are we going to do with this girl! There was no warning whatsoever...she didn't fuss until she had already bitten herself! I really think it's just her way of dealing with pain. She's having some sort of pain and the only thing she can do is BITE! It certainly doesn't make matters better...it's just what she does! She's also crunching in half a lot (making her tube leak)...I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't some sort of stomach pain! Poor thing. And the chorea is crazy! Lots of kicking and flailing...again, I think because of the pain. Poor girl. I'm so ready for this bad streak to be over!!!! Praying she'll get a good night's sleep tonight and wake up much happier tomorrow!



T said...

I saw these chewing bracelets on a website - they look pretty & would sit in the right place for Reagan :) http://pinterest.com/pin/230598443391757964/

Diane said...

Oh no- there just has to be something she could chew on- or prefer to bite on.. poor little one..

Can she have ultram? Abby follows your blog on Reagan too and wanted me to let you know, that works great for her when she has to have something. she is allergic to NSAIDS - so ultram as needed.. She also sent a hug to Reagan :-)