Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bad days are back

Today has not been a good day for my girl. Despite sleeping the whole night through last night (of course...we had a nurse), she woke up this morning crying and spent most of her awake time today doing the same. Thankfully, she slept a lot. I'm not sure if it was the medicine (we tried the whole arsenal...clonidine, Lortab, Ibuprofen) or if it was just her body needing sleep. No therapies today but there were a few more labs her doctor wanted us to get on a "bad day", so we reluctantly loaded her up in the car and took her in for a blood draw. She cried the whole time and fought hard, but we managed to get it done and once home she fell back to sleep. When awake, she was a tiger. I was wiping her mouth with a wet washcloth and she tried to bite me! I managed to pull my finger out just in time...the washcloth wasn't so lucky!! I was forced to put her arm restraint on, as her poor little arm is still healing from last week! I'm still not sure what to expect tomorrow. I'm hoping she'll be out of the crying phase and able to at least tolerate Thanksgiving! We're going to Mike's sister's house and if Reagan is still irate, we may just have to eat and leave! Please keep our girl in your prayers! She deserves a happy Thanksgiving!!!

**I forgot to mention...we now officially have a crawler!!! He's been working on it for a while now, but today he took off (and headed straight for the electrical outlet)!! Boy are we in trouble!**

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Kyla said...

I hope you guys managed to have a great Thanksgiving today!