Saturday, November 10, 2012

Bad day

Reagan has had a horrible day. She slept well but woke up on edge and about 30min later had her first meltdown! It's been rough. She was crying more than not and not sleeping as much as we'd hope. Medications didn't even make a dent today (Lortab and Ibuprofen did nothing and Clonidine only worked for an hour or so). Poor girl. She's spent most of the day in her chair. When you hold her she fights you nonstop and is so tense and rigid, you can barely hang onto her! My mom is actually looking into getting her a foam bean bag chair...a giant one that she can kick around on and even sleep on! I'm interested to see how that works out, because she just gets so hot in her chair and I'm afraid she puts too much pressure on that one area of her bottom. Maybe this will work well for her. Right now she's laying in her chair asleep. There's no chance of moving her (we've already tried), so we're just going to hook up the video camera on her and hope she sleeps through the night and wakes feeling much improved tomorrow. Please keep our girl in your prayers!!

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Diane said...

I am sorry she is having another horrible spell.. hope a night of sleep helped. and I think a giant bean bag is a brilliant idea! They are pretty comfy :-)