Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sweet girl

Reagan slept well last night (I think). I don't remember hearing her much until this morning. She started "talking" around 5-6 and continued until I picked her up at 7. She's been pretty vocal all day. Most of the time it's squeals or yells and it sounds like it could go either way...thankfully she's kept it in check and we've made it through the day without any real outbursts. There were times where she'd mimic her brother (who has been exceptionally vocal the last couple days) and she sounded happy, and there were times where her brother's jib jabbering seemed to irritate her and she'd sound like she was about to lose it! All the while, she's kept a smile on her that's a good thing. She only had one therapy today...speech. I walked in toward the end of her session and she was going to town with a blue lollipop!! Such a sweet girl!!

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Krissy said...

What a sweet picture!!! Happy to hear about her good days!