Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Super nauseous

Reagan still feels lousy today. I'm not sure how much sleep she got last night, but she was in her chair and I know she slept off and on. She's still super nauseous today. Throwing up, gagging/retching, just plain yuck! I hate this! We're switching to pedialyte tonight. She had two therapies today, OT this morning which she did very well for, and then PT this afternoon, for which she was very nauseous. I'm hoping and praying she'll be over this by tomorrow. Thankfully our night nurse is here tonight, so I know she'll be in good hands! Another issue we've been dealing with today is the red patch above her bottom is back! We have no idea what this is. All I know is we've seen it over and over again and each time it is at the end of a bad cycle. I'm not sure if it's something as simple as a circulation issue (like her red ear) associated with the dysautonomia she experiences during a bad cycle or if it's something worse like a recurrent infection!?!? The only thing that makes me think it's not the dysautonomia is that the very first time she had it, her doctor suspected cellulitis and put her on clindamycin and the very next day, the redness was gone. I thought it was too soon to be the antibiotic, but every other time she's had this, it drags on for days and gets much worse before it gets better (and the fact that it gets worse makes me think it's something more than just a pressure sore from sitting in her chair so much during bad days). So we're going to try the clindamycin again (just a couple days) and see if it clears right up again. If so, sounds like we've got an infection on our hands. So in addition to all of Reagan's issues, today I have been trying to sleep train Ryan. I've been putting him in his crib for naps and standing beside him as he cries incessantly and let me tell you, I'm just about as traumatized as he is! The first time it took and hour and 20min before he finally fell asleep (and slept 40min)...the second it took closer to 40min (and slept 1.5hrs)...of course he's not crying the entire time...but most of it! His hair gets so wet with sweat, it looks like he just got out of the bath! I'm hoping to get him transitioned from his swing (for naps) and our bed (at night) into his crib (all the time)! We'll see how it goes. Very stressful. Tonight it took over an hour of full on screaming crying! This is going to be tough.

No smiles, but nice to see her back in the saddle again!

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Anonymous said...

Loving this photo - Very cute!! Reagan you are getting so tall.

P.s. Are you still doing the stroller review?