Saturday, October 27, 2012

Still smiling

So this is what I get for posting about how well Ryan was sleeping! Last night he woke up twice and then today he has been horrible not wanting to take naps at all! Reagan slept well for most of the night, then woke up and was talking, then went back to sleep again and slept til 7:30ish. Reagan has been a good girl again today. Very smiley, very snuggly, very vocal (at times sounding a little on edge, but always keeping the smile on her face). She did have one little mishap this morning. She had dozed off in her chair for 15min or so and then all of a sudden, she was throwing up (in her sleep)!!! She never even woke up and no more nausea/throw up the rest of the day! It was very weird! We took another walk outside in the beautiful weather today, while Ryan took his only real nap (30min). Grandma is coming in tomorrow to help us get ready for Halloween. We're going to have a little get together this year. Each year my mom goes all out and decorates like crazy and no one ever gets to see it! So we're having a few friends and family over this year! Reagan is going to be little red riding hood, Ryan is the wolf, and Grandma is the wolf that has eaten grandma!!! Hopefully Reagan cooperates and either has enough good days to make it through Halloween or gets rid of her bad days ASAP! I remember last year Halloween didn't fall on a great day for her. She was tense and on edge...I don't think we got any smiles! Hopefully this year is different! Lots of good days for my girl!

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