Sunday, October 7, 2012

Still on edge

Today has been another good, but slightly on edge, day for my girl. She slept fairly well last night...she woke up around 4am and was "talking", but Daddy was able to get her back to sleep. She woke back up again (I can't remember when) and just laid in bed making noises until I went in and picked her up around 7:30am. She's been awake and alert all day today. Still very vocal, still on edge at times (lots of leg kicking). She didn't want to lay down today (started getting vocal in a bad way), so she alternated between her brown chair, her wheelchair, and our laps all day. I'm glad that she's hanging in there and not having actual "bad" days, but I don't feel like these days are legitimate "good" days either. She's tense and on edge, we're tense and on edge...where's our happy, smiley 100% good days?!?! I feel like we haven't seen any of those in a while. Please continue to keep our sweet girl in your prayers!

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