Thursday, October 4, 2012

So sleepy

Reagan slept surprisingly well last night. If you remember, before falling asleep last night, she was quite the kicking ball of energy! She finally dozed off with the help of clonidine and then slept through til around 6am, when the night nurse found her moving around in her bed. She fell back asleep and then slept til just before 8am. Her nurse picked her up and took her in her therapy room, only to have her fall asleep while she was changing her diaper! She was OUT! She would move around occasionally throughout the day, stretching and sometimes even opening her eyes and smiling, but she was out of it for the most part. She actually didn't budge until her physical therapist came this afternoon and started stretching her! She woke smiley and spunky and was very vocal and quite alert for a couple of hours. She started nodding off again and then she was OUT. As of now, she's still asleep. She keeps moving and stretching, but she's asleep. Hopefully she sleeps through the night again and is back to herself by tomorrow. In other news, yesterday we also got our pictures in the mail from the Austin walkathon. There was a photographer there taking pictures of the teams and you could buy the pics for a donation...which is actually a good idea (we should be doing that in Houston). My only complaint is the pictures are pretty dark, you would think a photographer could have lightened them up a bit (and cropped the misc stroller out of the far left of the pic)! I understand these are donated services, but come on! They turned out pretty cute nonetheless! (Keep in mind, I was taking a picture of a picture...they're not really that fuzzy!) 

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Teri said...

I love the pictures!