Friday, October 26, 2012

Smiley girl

Reagan slept like a rock last night...finally! And not only did she sleep last night, she continued sleeping til 11:30am!! She might have even slept longer, but the nurse and I were hooking her back up to feeds and we woke her up! She woke smiling and I'm happy to report, she's continued smiling all day long! We were a little worried a few times because she's been VERY vocal (and sometimes that can turn into tears), but she's kept her cool and stayed happy all day. Her bottom looks better. You can still totally see the patch, but it's not red at all anymore (I never heard back from the pediatrician's office about that dermatology appt they were supposed to who knows what happened with that). The only therapy Reagan had today was vision therapy and according to her therapist, she did very well. Afterward, her nurse took her for a nice walk in the cool air. It's been a good day for my girl! Hoping to have many more of them! Ryan is still sleeping like a champ! It's amazing to see what normal is like! For the last several nights he's gone to bed (in his crib) around 8-9pm, slept til 3am (wakes up and eats), and then goes back to sleep til 7am!!! It's AWESOME!!!


Heather said...

Good day for your girl .. that is what I like to hear. More of those Reagan. You deserve it sweet girl.

And that Ryan... He is so cute. so beautiful. I mean really Tera. I am not lying. He is one of the cutest babies I am ever seen. And I have seen alot of babies in my time.

I knew he would come around. Just took his own sweet time!

Love to you all.

CECE Bubbles said...

OMG! You finally got him sleeping in his own crib! YAY, I am so excited for both of you!