Monday, October 15, 2012


Reagan slept well last night, in fact, she continued sleeping all morning! She didn't wake up til 10:40am! She woke happy though, so that's good! She's been in a good mood again today. Very vocal...sometimes a little too vocal (we were worried she might be going over the edge)...but she kept it happy and had a good day. She had speech and OT today and both went well. She ate for the first time in a while during speech and she gobbled up the "Hawaiian dessert" baby food (I tried bananas/strawberries yesterday and she wasn't a fan). Tonight she was a little annoyed when her brother started crying for some unknown reason, but shortly thereafter she feel asleep, so maybe she was just tired. She's been very restless...tossing and turning all over her bed...I sure hope she's able to sleep tonight. And I'm hoping she'll continue with the good days...she could really use a nice long break from those bad days! In other news, Ryan slept the WHOLE night last night! He slept from 9:45am-7am!!! A new record! Maybe letting him tire himself out, isn't such a bad idea after all (of course, eventually we need him sleeping in his CRIB!!) Tonight I didn't let him cry and he's been very restless. Praying for sleep for everyone!! (and more good days..).

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Heather said...

I guess I am a post behind. So, what i said in the previous and ... See I told you, that boy is turning a corner.

And my baby advice, cuz Lord knows I have a tad bit of experience, I say continue to let him cry it out a bit and he will get there. He will.

Sleep well.