Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Rough night, rough day

Reagan was up and down a lot last night. She would sleep for a bit in her brown chair and then wake up flailing and crying, her night nurse would pick her up and hold her and she'd calm back down (but you can only hold her for so long) and then she'd either put her back in her chair and she'd sleep for a bit longer, or she'd immediately start crying again! Not a good night. Of course, her day was pretty much the same, so not a good day either. Lortab didn't seem to help at all, clonidine would help for only about 30min-1hr...actually the only thing that seemed to yield immediate improvement was the ibuprofen. She pretty much cried and fussed all day long (especially when being messed with), that is, until the ibuprofen. It seemed to calm her down a take the edge off. She was still very tense, but you could go near her and even talk to her without her immediately freaking out. Of course, her brother resisting sleep and becoming completely irate tonight nearly upset her, but thankfully she settled down and fell asleep! Hopefully she sleeps tonight and wakes feeling better tomorrow! Last night was the only night our night nurse works this week, so no nurse tonight and a (new) fill in day nurse tomorrow...should be fun. Lots of prayers please!

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Diane said...

Poor Reagan. If Motrin works, I wonder if the pain was inflammation based ? I know if you add motrin or tylenol to a dose of pain meds it can "intensify" the pain killing - maybe that? Just glad it worked! So hard to know. Not predictable.. sigh- hoping last night was better!