Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Picture of Hope

Reagan slept fairly well last night. I do know that she was awake around 4am and Daddy was able to get her to go back to sleep for a bit, but not long. She's been in a good mood all day today. Still a little easily excited (certain noisy toys can set her off into crazy laughing), but overall still good. She's had a busy day of therapy today. First private therapy speech, then speech through the school system, and then "school"! Busy day! Her chorea has been a little out of control today. Those legs are kicking, kicking, kicking nonstop (and the hands and in the mouth nonstop)! This afternoon we took her outside on her swing and we had to really spray her down with skin so soft (and she had the off clip on and the off coil going)! She's got 3 huge mosquito bites on her right arm. Grandma took her for a 15 min walk two days ago and now she's paying for it! They are all red and hot...poor thing! I bet she just wants to scratch them!!! I'm keeping steroid cream on them so hopefully it helps. Grandma swears by windex, so tonight I put some on them and they actually seemed better (less red) almost immediately. This afternoon we got a delivery...our Picture of Hope (from Reagan's Tiny Sparrow Foundation photoshoot). I can't say enough about this organization! They have been professional and so easy to work with...and they did a BEAUTIFUL job! From the photographer they placed us with, to the slide show of the photos that was impeccably done to heart wrenching music, to the delivery of the gorgeous photo album and CD...everything has been perfect! This is something we will cherish forever! Such a great organization!! Please check them out! Prayers that my girl can settle down and get some sleep tonight!!


Heather said...

These look amazing my friend. They really do. You girl is amazing.

In fact you all are pretty spectacular.

Windex uh? Never heard of that. Would have come in handy my 24 years in NY. Those little buggers are pretty scarce around here.

Clarissa said...

I went to the site and watched the slideshow and Wow! I was in tears! Reagan is precious! They did a great job. God bless and prayers!