Tuesday, October 16, 2012

On edge

Last night was a restless one for us all. Reagan slept most of the night, but she tossed and turned a lot and woke up every so often. Ryan who ended up in bed with us way too soon, did the same, keeping me up most of the night! Reagan woke up this morning smiley, but she's been a little bit on edge today. Lots of vocalizations again...but today she was more tense. This morning she had OT and she tolerated it well but then this afternoon (right before we were supposed to leave for her Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation appt) she started freaking out a bit. I gave her a half a clonidine and then she fell asleep in the car and slept the whole way there, the entire appt, and the whole ride back! Not a lot to report from the appt. Basically our only option of getting Reagan's feet flat again is to do surgery...her ankles are now officially contractures and there's not much we can do about it (her feet are always pointed like a ballerina). Botox never really worked for her and casting didn't do enough to warrant that sort of torture. We're not going to do surgery at this point, we're just going to try to prevent them from getting any worse and continue to work on standing with a wedged AFO (and possibly try a stretching splint). We also talked a lot about the stroller situation and she seems to be a fan of the Maclaren. I'm still on the fence but I'm leaning that direction as well. Reagan didn't wake up until we got back home and took her into the house! She's continued to be on edge all night but as long as I keep her whiny brother out of the room, she's been OK. Hopefully she gets some sleep tonight and wakes up OK. Days like this always make us worry about tomorrow. Grandma is coming in on Thursday (to help our neighbor with her biannual garage sale benefiting the UMDF), so she's going to be really upset if Reagan is miserable the whole time she is here! Prayers for my girl are appreciated!!

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Diane said...

Fingers crossed she feels betters! Being on the edge of a bad day is as stressful as a actual bad day!

Hope the yard sale rakes it in this weekend! And you have the best parents ever to come and help! :-)