Wednesday, October 24, 2012

No bueno

What is going on?!?! My girl is still not good. She slept OK last night but she was very restless so she slept the majority of the night in the night nurse's arms and then part of the morning on the floor of the therapy room (and she kept sleeping til 10:30am or so). She woke up OK, not happy, a little startled and serious. She was alright though and at noon she had a decent speech therapy session. She was holding her pee though and when she finally went again, I checked her bottom. Still very red, and now it seems to be extremely painful to her. I spoke to the pediatrician and she wanted us to bring her in at 3. So as the afternoon went on, she was getting increasingly aggravated. At the doctor's office, in the car, once we were home...she was borderline in tears. Lots of fussing, lots of chorea, lots of yells...just not right. I tried Lortab...nothing. Her doctor prescribed her naproxen for the inflammation, I gave her a dose when we got home and it hasn't seemed to help (and she had a little redness on her face and chest that made me think she might have had an allergic reaction...but she was crying, so it's hard to tell). Right before Mike got home, she had a total meltdown! She seemed to warm up to him though and tonight she's been stressed (with occasional outbursts) but no more tears. On a good nausea today. Ryan also slept in his crib last night from 8-3am (7hrs...I'll take that)!! He woke once at 9pm and was moving around and appeared to be wide awake, but a little shushing and he fell back to sleep. Of course laziness set in and at 3am I did just pick him up and put him in our bed. I know I probably should have fed him and put him back in his crib. Maybe tonight. Please continue to keep my girl in your prayers! We need her to turn this around and start feeling better soon!! Where is our smiley girl?!?!
(And YES, I am still going to do a stroller review! I have been working on a post but just haven't had much time to finish it lately (between Reagan's bad days and Ryan's sleep training)! I will definitely finish it by next week...promise!)


Diane said...

So pleased Ryan slept for you! 7 hours- that is JOYFUL! :-)

I wonder what is with Reagan.. Poor girl- hoping whatever it was/is stops soon!

The VW's said...

Praying for sweet Reagan, and you too! Hugs!