Saturday, October 20, 2012


Well, we only made it 7 days! Reagan had 7 good days and now we are back to misery. She slept all night last night only to wake up this morning and start crying the second I picked her up! It's been a horrible day for my girl. Lots of crying this morning, but this afternoon and night it's been more moaning/yelling than actual crying. We've tried every medication and nothing works more than 30min or so. We've tried holding her, laying her on the floor, putting her in her chair...tonight she's been more quiet than she's been all day just sitting in her chair. But don't talk to her, or God forbid, try to change her diaper...she goes ballistic. Please keep our girl in your prayers. We've seen this coming for days...but we were hoping maybe she'd skip the bad streak this go round. No such luck. I'm just hoping and praying she'll get some sleep tonight and wake up feeling better tomorrow!

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Diane said...

Oh no! I was sure hoping the bad days were going away.. sigh. So sorry she is miserable- poor little mite and I know it isn't easy on everyone else either.

Here's hoping, she is on the mend this morning.