Sunday, October 21, 2012

Leave me alone!

Reagan slept surprisingly well last night. Of course, it was in her chair, but we'll take what we can get! She's actually spent most of the day today in her chair. She doesn't want to be held or even talked to, she doesn't want her hair fixed, and most certainly doesn't want her diaper changed...she just wants to be left alone. We're not sure if it physically hurts her to be touched on days like this...we don't know if she's having body pain or head pain or both...we just know she's miserable! She hasn't been nearly as fussy long as you leave her alone. She's still pretty bitey though, so we've kept her arm restraint on all day again. The most encouraging thing is that tonight she actually dozed off on her own and Mike was able to transfer her to her bed. Laying in bed has got to feel good after sitting in that chair for so long. Please keep it in your prayers that she is feeling better by tomorrow! These days are so hard on our girl!!

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Diane said...

Something in the air, Abby is flaring right now too- fingers crossed she feels better and slept well in her comfy bed!