Thursday, October 11, 2012

Headed in the right direction

Reagan slept surprisingly well last night...and so did her brother. We here having a horrible time trying to get Ryan to sleep last night. I tried nursing him, Mike tried rocking him (which worked til he hit his head on the mobile trying to lay him down), I put him in the car and took him to the pharmacy with me (which usually does the trick but he just cried and cried)...I even tried 10min or so of letting him cry it out...nothing was working! But then I picked him back up, calmed him down, and was able to get him to sleep around 9:40-10pm and he slept til 5:15am!!! That's by far the longest stretch he's EVER slept!! EVER! Of course, he was still in his swing, but whatever. Actually, Reagan was asleep in her chair and Ryan was asleep in his room, and I woke up at 3:15am thinking I could hear Ryan crying and glanced over at the monitor, only to see it was DEAD!!! Who knows when it died (sometime between 11:30-3:15), but I jumped out of bed horrified that one or both of my children had been crying without me knowing, only to find them both fast asleep!!! (not sure what I had heard) Anyway, thank you God for a good night's sleep, because this morning our fill in nurse was a no show! Yep! They couldn't even get in touch with her to figure out why she didn't show!! I tell you what, I'm so SICK of these nurses! I mean, it's not just the's the people they hire! What kind of person just doesn't show up when they are a nurse and supposed to be taking care of a disabled, medically fragile child?!?! Makes me sick. Thankfully, this happened today and not yesterday. Reagan has been a lot more stable today. Still does not want to be messed with and cries and bites when you try to change her diaper, but if you just let her be, she's pretty calm. Her teacher came and read to her for an hour this afternoon and she did fine. I wasn't sure how she'd do with that, but the teacher just kept it calm and quiet (and didn't touch her), and she was good, even looking a little sleepy! Then her PT came and I was even more nervous about how she was going to react to that, but she swung with her on her swing and she seemed to enjoy it! She was very relaxed (maybe she just doesn't like ME touching her)!! She was so relaxed that she had her second dirty diaper of the day (which is good because it has been a few days since she had one)...but also reinforcing my idea that these bad days seem to have something to do with her bowel movements/GI issues. On a good note, she really only had one horrible day (Tues night and Wed day)...she used to have 2-4 days of misery and crying. Tonight a friend brought us dinner and we hung out for a bit...definitely not something that would have been possible several months ago. She's still not back to herself (she had a HUGE throw up tonight and a smaller one this morning, her hands and feet are still super clammy, and there's no smile in sight), but she's headed in the right direction...and for that we are very thankful!



Heather said...

Tera, I could care less if he is trouble, that child of yours is so beautiful. I mean honestly, one of the cutest babies ever. And I would like to think he too is turning a corner and will sleep more for you all.

Hoping a repeat performance for him and better days for sweet Reagan.

And you already know my thoughts on the nursing. Ridiculous.

Kristy McCall said...

Cute! I want to kiss those chunky little cheeks!

Diane said...

So glad Reagan is on the mend.. it really does seem like there is a connection between her GI and her pain.. just glad they slept and you got to sleep :-) When Abby was under 5-6 there just was no sleeping in our house- I feel for anyone who is sleep deprived.

Clarissa said...

glad both children slept well! i bet what woke you was silence! ;) whenever my kids suddenly sleep longer than normal, i'll jump awake thinking they must be crying for me... our bodies just know what they are used to! God bless!