Friday, October 19, 2012

Good day for therapy

Reagan slept off and on again last night. The night nurse was here and she said she was very restless (even during sleep). She woke smiley again this morning...she's smiley, but serious at times. This morning she had both PT and OT and both therapists said she did GREAT for both. Then right around the same time it happened yesterday morning, Reagan broke out into tears for no apparent reason. Grandma came to the rescue though and after a few cuddles from Grandma, she was back to normal. We put her in the stroller and took her down to the garage sale (the one my neighbor was having benefiting the UMDF and my mom was helping with). She got lots of love from our neighbors...especially Uncle Johnny (who just can't say enough about how much he loves Reagan). I had Ryan in the baby carrier and he got his share of attention as well (all I got was a backache)! I'm moving a little slower today after stubbing my toe on Ryan's walker that was in the middle of the kitchen floor! Today it's a nice purple hue and quite painful to walk on. Oh well. Just a toe. This afternoon Reagan had vision therapy and speech (through the school system)...both make ups from earlier in the week. She, again, did great for both. This afternoon and tonight she was on the verge of tears when Ryan started his jib jabbering, but she settled down and held it together. Right now she's dozing off on Mike's lap...such a sweet girl. She's really fighting to continue to have good days...please keep it in your prayers that the good days continue for our princess!

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