Sunday, October 28, 2012


Reagan has been a smiling, sweet, darling girl again today. Mike coined a new term for her...Cute-iful! And cute-iful she is! She's continued to be vocal and at times a little on edge (we had tears at one point but she fought it off)...but she's held on and had another good day! Please keep it in your prayers that she has a good Halloween! We're having people over and I SO want Reagan to be happy and have a chance to enjoy herself!! Come on good days....

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Heather said...

Cute-iful. I like it.

Hoping you all can have a super fun Halloween. Can't wait to see the kids costumes. Is grandma coming. cuz she is the one I really want to see.

House full of sicko's here. the fun never ends. And plenty more of us to catch whatever the others have. That I am dreading.

Love to you all.