Friday, October 26, 2012


Reagan didn't sleep much at all last night. She was very vocal and just kept kicking around and talking all night long. Her brother, on the other hand, slept better than he has ever slept! He went to bed at 9pm and slept til 3:45am, I picked him up and fed him (in his room) and put him right back in bed, where he slept til 7am this morning!!! Can you say AWESOME?!?!? Reagan woke up with smiles this morning and she's been a really good girl all day today. There have been a few times where she starts vocalizing like she might be getting a little agitated (like when the yard guy was blowing just outside her therapy room), but as long as you redirect quickly, she's fine. This morning her hands and feet were still cold and clammy, but they warmed up and have been fine the rest of the day. Her bottom was still pretty red, but the inner part of it seemed to be fading (and getting a little flakey/dry). Reagan's speech therapist had recommended putting some coconut oil on it (her daughter gets terrible eczema and it really helps her) today I bought some and put it on this afternoon. By tonight it seriously looks loads better! No redness whatsoever, you can barely even see it anymore! I don't think it's a coincidence! Tonight Ryan and I went to the monthly Mito moms dinner. There were seven of us there this time and we had a really great time! Ryan was a little unruly at times, because he had only taken a short nap before getting there, but he crashed in the car on the way home and has been sleeping ever since! So nice to have a sleeping child!!! Praying my girl gets some sleep tonight as well!

Reagan's new pump backpack! Super cute! (As seen on Ava's blog) You can get your own on Etsy!


Diane said...

Love coconut oil! If Abby ever develops an allergy I will totally freak out!

It supposedly has antibacterial and anti fungal properties- but who knows? It might just work because there is nothing in it that Abby is allergic to! LOL

It digests easier as well. We go through a lot of it around despite the cost. We really love Tropical Traditions even though you have order online.

Glad the little one slept! And super thrilled to hear Reagan is on the bounce! Have a great weekend!

Kyla said...

It was great to see you (and your little guy) last night! :) Cool backpack...I made the "mistake" of clicking the Etsy link. Eeek! They have sock monkey fabric. K would FLIP for one of those!

Clarissa said...

glad she is starting to feel better! love the pump bag, so cute!

Clarissa said...

looked at the etsy site... Abigail uses the 1200mls bags and we also use ice packs... would love it otherwise. hmmm... maybe i'll have to ask her about a custom made one. :)