Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bad, but could have been worse, day

Sorry for the late update! It was not a good day for my girl. That being said, for the first bad day, it was a relatively mild one. Reagan woke up crying and was definitely stressed and upset when awake, but she slept a lot and as the day went on, she definitely improved. By the time our guests started showing up, Reagan was tense but quiet. It was quite noisy at first, so we kept her in her therapy room, and we were happy just to get her costume on. We were able to finally bring her out while the kids were trick or treating (this is her first year to miss), and then as everyone came back she was able to acclimate herself and she handled it well. She even dozed off on her own around 9pm (so I held off on her clonidine again and figured she could just take it in the am)! She's such a sweet girl! I only wish she would have had a better day! Here are some Halloween mom worked her bottom off decorating and buying everything Halloween she could find! (I'll post outside pics once she sends them to me!)


Diane said...

Looks like fun! And love the wolf+red riding hood! Terrific! Of course Ryan was adorable, but he is adorable no matter what!

Love the Halloween! Love the pics! Hoping for a better day for Reagan.

The VW's said...

Love the costumes! Great decorating as well! Glad Reagan did well for your party! Hugs!