Friday, October 12, 2012

Baby steps

Reagan slept well last night. She's been a little more mellow today. Still off, temperature regulation is still off and she's still tense and a little zoned out, but better than the day before. Baby steps. She had multiple therapies today (PT, OT, & vision/OT) and she did surprisingly well with all of them...considering how miserable she was just a couple days ago. She has that weird red patch on her bottom again. It comes and goes. The first time we saw it, her pediatrician thought she had cellulitis and put her on major antibiotics and it went away very quickly (but then she had a horrible case of diarrhea that is still somewhat unresolved). Then it came back again a week or so after getting off the antibiotic and this time her doctor just thought it was a diaper rash (even though it looked pretty similar to me). That time (without antibiotics), it took much longer to go away. It actually got much worse and spread before it got better (we initially were using aquaphor on it, which wasn't helping at all, then we started air drying her and using mupirocin antibiotic ointment and eventually it went away). I'm beginning to wonder if this has something to do with her bad days. I don't know, I think I'm going to have to go back through the blog and see if I can find some sort of pattern. Anyway, please keep it in your prayers that it resolves quickly and doesn't cause any more discomfort for our girl! Today we finally got the other stroller we ordered, so keep an eye out for my review of both of them in the next couple of days (when Reagan is feeling well enough to try them out)! Ryan was a real pain again today (God I hope he's just teething and not just turning into a rotten child)! Tonight he was resisting sleep and I had to let him cry it out again. This time he cried nonstop for 15min...which was the longest I was going to let him cry (the last time I picked him up after 10). But at exactly 15 min he settled down and was quiet, so I peeked in on him (expecting him to be asleep) and there he was wide eyed, covered in sweat! Poor thing. I picked him up and eventually got him to sleep, but this time he was still fighting to stay awake. Hopefully he sleeps well tonight...we all could use some sleep!

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Diane said...

Could the rash be fungal on her tushie? I wonder if some monistat might be worth a try?

So glad she is coming out of her bad spell of days-

I am so guilty of never letting mine cry it out- and Abby did get spoiled! LOL But Sara I did the same with and she just slept through the night like a champ, and did not take advantage! LOl Abby was just more a cuddle baby- happiest hooked to me! 17 years later she still has more need of closeness and her sissy is just more independent- I figure personality has a lot to do with it- I have empty nest big time because I was just thinking about "how nice " it would be to get woken to comfort and cuddle! LOL How we forget the sleep deprivation of babies! Hoping for a good day today for both the babies!