Monday, October 22, 2012

Another rough one

It's been another rough day for my girl. She didn't make it more than an hour in her bed last night. We transferred her back to her chair and she did go back to sleep, but she was restless. She was still very agitated this morning, not wanting to be messed with. Her speech therapist came and tried to interact with her a little, but Reagan wanted nothing to do with it. Then this afternoon she got very nauseous and had a HUGE throw up and lots of gagging/retching but she wasn't as agitated (just miserable). She was a little zoned out right after the throw up (which worried me a little), but she recovered and then her OT came and she spent some time on the swing doing brushing and joint compressions and Reagan actually seemed to enjoy that a little. She was still very nauseous but we were thinking maybe she was turning a corner. She made eye contact with us for the first time in days and really seemed to be more present (and we were able to take her arm restraint off for the first time in days). Then tonight, the fussiness took over again and she got very agitated and was flailing and biting so we had to put her arm restraint back on. She's already rubbed one side of her face/nose raw with the arm restraint. I'll be glad when this bad streak is over. The odd thing is...she can either be fussy or nauseous...she can't do them both simultaneously. So the only good part about her fussing is that she's not as nauseous as she was before. She was dozing off, but now she's got a second (crazy) I'm not sure what that means for sleep tonight! Please continue to keep her in your prayers...she really needs some good days!!!

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